Saturday, November 5, 2011

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to my baby girl who is 2 today. I am now a mom of  0,2,4,and 6 yr olds. Yes I am aware that I’m crazy!
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Bentlee can talk really well figuring out how to say whatever she needs to say.

She has been half potty trained for a few months. She will poop in the potty always which is nice for mommy. She will tell me when she needs to pee on the potty unless she is preoccupied with something else ot isn't in the mood that day. I'm sure as soon as I get her panties she will do well.

She likes to count even though its not always in order.

She still loves milk in her baba (sippy cup) and we are working on eliminating those but so far it hasn't gone too well. I'm sure when those disapear the potty training will go better too :)

Bentlee LOVES dogs but  this year we found out that she's allergic. So we still let her love them just not too close. When she does get close she gets all sneezy and itchy and rashy.

She has loved everything about halloween and dressing up

She Isn't used to the attention being centered on her so today has been interesting for her. Whenever you single her out and start talking to her about her birthday she turns your attention to something else. this morning I was saying Bentlee it's your birthday you are two. She points to the mirror behind me " look mom 'hind you"

Bentlee has always been such a joy to have in our family.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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