Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cyrus’ Birthday Weekend

This year we asked Cyrus what he wanted to do for his birthday and if you remember Gabi’s Tangled birthday back in April we had a nice big party with all the cousins and friends and it was a big thing. Well of course he says he wants a party. I kept telling him He would be getting a baby brother instead. Well Jaxon came a little earlier than expected and
I was okay with doing something for his birthday.  He still really wanted a party and after discussing the fact that most of the kids we knew his age were girls we decided that a sleepover with two boy cousins would be perfect. They watched how to train your dragon played toys and ate snacks all night.

At a decent hour we got everyone settled in for the night. I’m pretty sure they stayed up talking for a while but that’s okay with me. In the morning they played and played and played some more.

Echo meeting Jaxon when they dropped off Ben. She didn’t want to leave.


Turned around for a second and Cyrus’ presents were opened…oops! He got a remote control Jeep and a nerf gun and bubbles.


Glow sticks in balloons.

IMG_4220 IMG_4221 IMG_4222

Playing bubbles in the morning.

IMG_4288 IMG_4224 IMG_4225



Saturday after we took the boys home we stopped off at the thrift store and SCORED on some Halloween costumes. $3 a piece (more to come soon)

Then Saturday night Cyrus and Gabi had their primary program practice so we took the opportunity to go pick out some presents for him. When we all got home we did his cake before going to bed.


The next morning we did presents since we don't go to church until 1. He was thrilled with the simple dollar store gifts and Loved the big items. He’s so easy to please.

     IMG_4246 IMG_4255  IMG_4263IMG_4229IMG_4256 IMG_4266 IMG_4272

After playing a while we got ready for church. I don’t usually take my tiny babies to church but Cyrus missed his program two years ago because Bentlee was days old, then last year we were in Utah because Victors brother was going through the temple. So this year I wanted to make sure and take them. When they were first seated on eh stand they had Cyrus and Gabi sharing a seat. That was not going well… Cyrus was pulling Gabi’s hair and Gabi was turning around Punching Cyrus all the while mom and dad watched from 40 ft away. After we couldn’t handle anymore I went up to the door by the stand and requested that they be separated. After they separated them they did much better and all was well. Both Cyrus and Gabi did their parts and participated well. And my daughter was totally the one waving at Grandma the whole time.

IMG_4277 IMG_4279 IMG_4287

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